Now that I'm working full-time, I'd like to think I'm a bit more frugal with my purchases as I start thinking about my financial future. I mean, I say that, but I also bought myself a gold ring recently, so the current backup plan is to find a glucose guardian so I can finally afford a one bedroom tent in Toronto.


When I look back on some of my past beauty purchases, I experience sticker shock. It's incredible what I used to purchase due to blogging hype—$50 blush? $60 moisturizer?? $40 lipstick?? $90 exfoliating pads?!??! -ADDS TO CART-

Needless to say, I don't purchase many beauty products these days, and when I do, they're drugstore replacements. However, there are high-end products I'd gladly replace due to the quality, which are outlined in this post!


Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy blush
It pains me to say this because I find CT's marketing tactics annoying (excessive product shilling, phrases such as "life changing"), but some of her products are actually good.

The Cheek to Chic powder blush in "Ecstasy" ($50 CDN | warm peach-pink) is a staple, and it's definitely one of my favourite blush formulas. (Which says a lot, as I have over 50 blushes) It blends well, has a soft and slightly sheer glowy finish, and though I have oily skin, this lasts all day. I swirl the two shades together, and apply to my cheeks and over the nose. It's a shade that makes me look ~naturally pRetTy~.

I haven't tried too many cream eyeshadows, but when I do wear eyeshadow, it's usually "Marie Antoinette" ($36 CDN | coppery bronze) from CT's Eyes to Mesmerise line. The formula is a souffle/mousse texture, is incredibly pigmented and looks like liquid metal on the lids, blends easily, and can be layered without clumping. Only problem? It creases on my oil lids. I usually solve this with eyeshadow primer.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Marie Antoinette


Tatcha Luminous Dewy skin mist

Skincare experts: "Drink 2L of water a day for glowy skin! Apply SPF every day! Use a detox mask and a chemical exfoliant!11!! Get 7-8 hours of sleep a day to repair your skin!!!!"

Me: -gets 5 to 6 hours of sleep, drinks less than 1L of water a day-, -surprised Pikachu face when I don't have great skin-

Finding a highlighter that mimics my skin's natural highlight has been a challenge, whereas this spray reflects light in a way that makes my skin look naturally dewy, luminous, and healthy. I use it as a finishing spray for special occasions, or when my makeup looks too matte/cake-y, or when my dry skin patches are really visible when wearing foundation to de-emphasize them. 

I can't comment on its moisturizing properties, but since my skin gets oily, I periodically blot during the day.

Here's a photo of me wearing the CT blush in "Ecstasy" and Tatcha skin spray (please don't laugh at my earring in the first photo)(this is also how I sorta wish I looked like every day):

Honestly, though most of my high end products are good/great, I'm most impressed with these products and reach for them when I wear makeup. Heck, I'm even considering the purchase of another CT cream shadow, but $38 is pretty steep when I might work an unpaid internship soon. 😂😂 

What products are #worthit for you guys?
(Today on WORTH IT we are comparing three mascaras at three different price points to SEE which is most WORTH IT at it's price)

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