image of indoor plants
The number of plants chillin' in my home office has earned me the title of "plant mami" (NEW POTENTIAL IG HANDLE ALERT; WATCH OUT, DRAKE) and "favourite plant mama" among my friends. Nice.

image of bird of paradise plant, monstera, spider plant, palm tree

One of my favourite posts to photograph for was a tour of my home office, but the office has definitely gotten a lot greener and swankier since then!

I've lost a few plants, adopted some, and saw the growth of many plants over the years, but here are a few of my favourite photos from plant parenthood.image of various succulents and cacti
image of maidenhair fern
image of burros tail string of pearls cacti
image of various tropical indoor plants

I've actually had a few houseplants die due to pests and over/under watering over the years. Pro tip: clichéd, but DRAINAGE HOLES. SO IMPORTANT. IF IT DON'T GOTS A HOLE, DON'T STICK IT IN.

As well, I'm constantly moving my plants around as I bring home new victims additions and as plants outgrow their spaces. I'm currently at a point where I don't have any space for new plants, which is fine as I'm pretty content and overwhelmed by the amount of care my current plants need.

image of calathea orbifolia, ornata, makoyanaimage of home office with indoor plants

Here's a bonus outtake of some of my succulents!

If you've got plants, may your plants thrive and grow in 2019!

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