Honestly, I thought I was going to retire from blogging once and for all in 2018. But I renewed my domain for another year, and was like, "damn, gotta get my value's worth, yo".

2018 saw a lot of unprecedented personal and professional growth, which is why I've largely been away from social media. I worked, had school, had more work, and didn't even get a vacation this year. Truly sad.

image of Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

On the professional front, I started my first internship in digital marketing (...I'm 26, y'all) and now have a greater idea of what type of career I'd like to pursue! Actually, a driver of my professional ambitions, is uh, my boyfriend. He has a master's degree and is studying for his CFA exam (Chartered Financial Analyst), so obviously I needed to up my game to trap him for his earning potential .

Jokes aside, I had to apply for co-op/internship positions last year, and needed to seriously consider the types of marketing positions I wanted to be in. A lot of conversations were had in bubble tea cafés with one of my closest friends (who is also in digital marketing) as we tried to figure out our careers. I plan on working with something related to SEO/SEM/data driven digital marketing that isn't social media after graduation. (ADD ME ON LINKEDIN SO I CAN START FLEXING: link!)

(Sidenote: concept for a tv show—Asian millenials gathering weekly in a bubble tea cafe to figure out their sht together. Truly the Asian equivalent of "Central Perk" from "Friends".)

Nothing major on the personal front—still lots of brunches with my grannies/closest friends, but as previously mentioned, I did find a boyfriend on Bumble, and now I've trapped him in my hive so he can't leave. It's great!

I've also drastically leveled up in plant parenthood—plants were my most photographed subjects in 2018 as I set out to visit gardens, greenhouses, plant nurseries, and basically anywhere with plants. I also spent most of the year sourcing plants for my collection, which will be featured on the blog soon!

image of Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

Other Highlights
  • Got back into Pokemon Go. I've got some wild stories about my PoGo adventures, but a recent one was me following two middle-aged men down an alley to find a raid battle one evening. Other than some bizarre situations I've been in, it's been great for exercise! (My trainer code is 7169 0591 9623 for anyone who wants to add me!)
  • Annual cottage trip with friends. We went back to Tobermory during the summer, and spent a weekend kayaking, biking, and coming up with stripper names for artists, such as "Areola Grande".
  • Trips to Niagara Falls. My boyfriend and I took trips to Niagara Falls, and we did touristy and romantic stuff like wine tasting, fireworks viewing, and romantic strolls down supermarket aisles.
  • Went clubbing for the first time. They weren't kidding—drunk girls in club bathrooms are the nicest, most supportive people you'll meet.

Overall, it's been a quiet but productive year in terms of sorting out my career. For 2019, I'm trying to use my camera more, and I can't wait to see where the year takes me!

What do you have planned for 2019?

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