"Vanessa, did you die??!?!?" Nah fam, I've just been through 3 consecutive semesters of school and work, and wish I were actually dead. (Kidding)

This post definitely did not need to be a year in the making, but I'm sure y'all are used to my dismal posting schedule by now. 😅

One of my favourite moments on the trip was arriving at the black sand beach at golden hour and seeing the basalt columns bathed in gold light—it's a memory I could live in loop forever. The rhythmic lapping of waves, crunching of black sand pebbles, and puffins flying overhead back to their nests high above the columns made it an ideal place to breathe, reflect, and be at peace. (After travelling with my friend for 6 days at that point, I NEEDED THAT PEACE, YO)

I wasn't the only photographer taking advantage of the lighting—we saw a photoshoot happening that involved a model and a drone (#extraAF), a wedding videography shoot, and of course, tons of people enjoying the view as well. (Here's one of the wedding shots!)

(The incredibly photogenic cat you see above was found at one of our Air BnBs—another reason to love Iceland, especially if you plan on smuggling a stray back home)

So yes, this is the last part of the Iceland post series, and this may be a bold statement considering I still have so many more places to experience, but I think Iceland has been my favourite place visited so far. It's a very "me" place in that it checks off many of my criteria for visiting (and even living!) such as having cool/cold temperatures, is geographically remote (less people to see), and has gorgeous natural landscapes. It's a place I can see myself coming back to year after year, hopefully catching the northern lights at some point and exploring more of the island!

In 50 years, I want to retire here and raise some sheep on a farm that also doubles as a shop that sells artisan Nordic sweaters. Maybe I'll knit turtlenecks for my sheep! Who knows.

See you again someday, Iceland!

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