I kid you not, one of the airbnbs we booked for this trip is a tent. A TENT. A FRIGGEN TENT. 

(Though to be fair, that tent is right by Skógafoss/a popular waterfall. Check out the listing here!)(We're also going to be staying at a hostel that used to be a fish freezer, so this is definitely going to be a very strange/adventurous trip)

I'm heading out to Iceland in August for 8 days, which I'm quite stoked for since it'll be my first trip outside the country without my family. My friend/travelling partner and I actually threw all caution to the wind when we booked our flight back in April (non-refundable tickets with no guarantee our other friends will be able to join us), so we joked that we're going to elope on this trip. However, I am quite excited to shoot photos of ALL THE WATERFALLS! MOUNTAINS! GLACIERS! MORE WATERFALLS!!

I've been scouring itineraries on Pinterest for the past few weeks, and at this point, we've booked our lodgings and vehicle (currently at $143.75CDN per day, and we haven't even talked about groceries or gasoline yet!). Most of our itinerary outside Reykjavík (see map above) is also sorted, but I'm struggling with things to do in the city. We have about 2 1/2 days in Reykjavík, and I'm pretty much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ besides Hallgrímskirkja, some famous hot dog stand, and visiting a market. (Though my friend is insistent on visiting the penis museum in hopes of getting souvenirs for our friends there??¿?¿¿).

Recommendations for what to do in Reykjavík and Iceland? Any other useful advice for travelling in Iceland? 😃

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