Is there anything more beautiful than a brand new lipstick bullet? (Well, yeah—multiple new lipstick bullets)

Kids, I got a seasonal retail job and this is going to be the first and last time I'm working retail. I AM DECEASED. DECEASED. I don't even mind the endless folding of clothes (I can do that for hours, evidently), and I love finally having co-workers, but THE SHIFTS ARE TOO DAMN LONG. I'm too damn old to be standing for 10 hours while being full of fake cheer and enthusiasm for bullsht, but at least I now have minimum wage dollars lining my wallet. (Minimum wage dollars that are being furiously spent on questionable important items, such as expensive lipsticks)

I didn't expect to pick up this many Audacious lipsticks, but I picked up 'Olivia' and 'Liv' with the Sephora VIB $20 off coupon, and while I was shopping in the States, I practically jumped for joy when I grabbed the last limited edition 'Rita'. THIS SHT WAS SOLD OUT ONLINE AND IN-STORES NEAR ME, SO YEAH, IT FELT SO GOOD TO FINALLY GET ONE. THE RED PACKAGING IS SUPER GORGEOUS AND HOLIDAY APPROPRIATE AND ALSO SUPER GORGEOUS.

Speaking of limited edition holiday releases, I also picked up Bite's 'Mistletoe'...because....y'know...I love Bite...and I love red lipstick. The shade is a bit warmer than I'd like, but it's still pretty nonetheless. Another brand I love for their lipsticks is Besame, and '1922/Blood Red' is a new-ish shade in the line that was totally up my blood soaked alley—if you didn't know about my love for dark reds, well, you do now. ("Blood soaked alley"??? TF??? I just finished watching 'Luke Cage' and I'm currently watching 'Daredevil', and combined with my latest experiences working in retail, the violence is strong in me these days)

Urban Decay's 'Bad Blood' (holy sht, I'm starting to realise a trend here) was a purchase I got lured into because of a gift with purchase (TURNED OUT THE GIFT WASN'T EVEN WORTH IT), but it's a gorgeous darker red that I had been lusting after for a very, very long time. I'm not a fan of the new UD lipstick packaging, but I do love the new pointed and stamped lipstick bullets.

TL;DR: Got a job and bought a sht ton of dark red lipsticks.

What products did you guys get during the Sephora sale/what have you purchased recently? ʘ‿ʘ

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