Featuring products that make me look 11/10. (Because we all know I'm clearly a 10/10 without makeup)(Clearly.)



Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (Porcelain)
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (01 Fair)
K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (liquid liner)

Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner
Maybelline Colossal mascara
Wet n Wild Turn Up Volume Full Blast mascara
Wet n Wild Mega Clear mascara (for brows)
ABH Brow Wiz (Ebony)

I've been using the same products for a few months now, and first of all, I just want to say: JAPANESE👏LIQUID👏EYELINERS👏ARE👏SOME👏NEXT👏LEVEL👏SHT. I've only tried two so far (K-Palette and Creer Beaute), but they've both been amazing in terms of application. I've really come to appreciate winged liner over the past year (I think it makes me look super ~*~*~pretty~*~*~), and my application technique has greatly evolved since then. These days, I'm a big fan of thin brush tip pens for sharp and precise lines, and the K-Palette liner is one I've come to love (YO SHAYNE, THANKS FOR SENDING IT MY WAY). I use a pencil eyeliner (currently Maybelline Master Drama) for the upper lash line, then use the liquid liner to draw the wing and connect everything up.

In terms of brows, I've discovered brow gel (currently using Wet n Wild's Mega Clear mascara) and dat sht lifechanging. I mean, the difference is subtle, but I feel like it makes me look polished?? And then with a few scribbles of ABH's Brow Wiz, BAM, I FEEL LIKE I'VE TRANSFORMED INTO A SEXY LIBRARIAN.

Everything else is standard fare: I feel like I've raved enough about Jouer's Matte Moisture tint and Collection's Lasting Perfection concealerWet n Wild's Turn Up Volume Full Blast mascara turned out to be great for my bottom lashes (it's separating, lengthening, and not flaky), and I'm currently trying to use up Maybelline's Colossal's like....3 years old DON'T JUDGE ME IT'S STILL USABLE.

(Oh, and my skin is super glowy in these photos because of Tatcha's Dewy Skin Mist. I FELT LIKE AN ANGEL HAD BLESSED MY FACE WITH ~LUMINOSITY~ AND ~RADIANCE~ THAT DAY. Also wearing Maybelline's Baby Lips in Cherry Me because it makes me look rosy)

What's your daily makeup like? 

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