It's a classic "don't talk 2 me or I'll fuq u up, fam" shade.

(Irrelevant, but I kid you not, I was on the bus once and saw a guy wearing a jacket that said "Don't 'bro' me if you don't know me" and I  j u s t lost it)

NARS' 'Train Bleu' (2.4g | $33CAD) was a shade I had been lusting after for ages, but really couldn't justify buying since y'know, 1) when/where the fuq was I going to wear this (jk Imma wear this to ur funeral)(jk), and 2) how do I eat???????? Of course, the heart won out in the end, and while the velvet matte lip pencil formula has its issues, it's generally love. It goes on smooth, opaque, and creamy (if your lips are in good condition), but it's biggest issue is that it does gradually get dry, patchy, and slightly uncomfortable during wear time from eating + talking + just generally living your best life.

'Train Bleu' is described as a "deep aubergine" and it's the type of shade I'm glad is in jumbo pencil format since it requires precision and effort to apply, but mistakes are usually cleaned up with a cotton bud dipped in micellar water. It does need to be sharpened though, and since most sharpeners won't sharpen the NARS lip pencils (NARS...are you forcing us to buy your expensive AF pencil sharpener or...??), I recommend taking the pencil with you while shopping for a sharpener. (I used the QUO one to sharpen mine!)

Overall, I absolutely love the shade (and the compliments I get from wearing it, eheheh) and I'm even willing to put up with the formula, but a lot of people complain about the patchiness, so NARS, you might want to fix that.

Any deep vampy colours I need to check out? ◦‿◦

(Also, GOOD LORD the photos in this post are pretentious AF. Here's a palate cleanser, but please please please click at your own risk)

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