I lost all chill when Bite Beauty reposted my photos not once, but TWICE on Instagram. TORONTO REPPIN'.

(Also, Toronto also has a Bite Beauty lab now! COME VISIT. COME VISIT ME.)

In case you're like, six months behind on beauty news (which rock do you live under [??] because I'll need to move in so I don't go bankrupt from all these new beauty releases), Bite Beauty released their new line of lipsticks earlier this year, the Amuse Bouche (0.15 oz | $30 CDN), and I ended up picking up a few to test out since 1) gotta show some love and support for Toronto brands, and 2) ~#aesthetic~. They ended up reposting one of my photos on Instagram, and since I lost all chill, I decided to uh, buy even more of their lipsticks. (And I earned another regram MUAHAHAH)(#howImeasuremyselfworth #ImpatheticIknow)


L-R: Chai, Verbena, Beetroot, Liquorice

The shades I picked up are Chai, Verbena, Beetroot, Liquorice, and Black Truffle (^above order), and to be honest, these are the only shades I'm interested in among the forty new shades.

Image of Bite Lipstick in Chai
CHAI   |   mauve brown
VERBENA   |   rose terracotta

Image of Bite Lipstick in Liquorice
LIQUORICE   |   oxblood

Image of Bite Beauty Lipstick in Beetroot Image of Bite Lipstick in Black Truffle
BEETROOT   |   bold berry
BLACK TRUFFLE   |   black violet

(My nose is just one massive triangular blob, I know. My brother got the nicer nose, how disappointing)

Between the Amuse Bouche and the Luminous Cremes, the formula for the Amuse Bouche is not as creamy/is stiffer and does tug a bit during application. Overall though, formula is still creamy, highly pigmented, and applies smoothly. (I've also heard comparisons between Amuse Bouche and the NARS Audacious, and IMO the NARS formula is thinner/not as thick and creamy) The Amuse Bouche formula is comfortable on the lips, and I don't think they look too terrible over dry patches, considering my lips were in bad shape for the above swatches (long story short: allergic reaction, crusty lips. I think this is more evident with the 'Liquorice' swatch). I can't comment on longevity since I usually take creamy lipsticks off prior to eating.

'Liquorice' is obviously my favourite shade, as y'know, I do love those dark reds, but 'Chai' and 'Verbena' are tied for second. I actually regret buying 'Beetroot' the most because it is HELLA BRIGHT/not a shade in my comfort zone, and even though I love 'Black Truffle', I have no idea where wearing it would be appropriate (besides at my monthly witch coven meeting jk).

Have you tried any of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks yet?

(In other news, I'm going camping today + this weekend! Astrophotography shots come soon~~)

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