Also known as "that time I was forced to cuddle for warmth with my male friend". On the upside, I didn't freeze, LOOOOOL ;-;

My friends and I went camping for the first time together this summer, and we all loved it so much that we decided to go again later in the year. We headed to Killarney Provincial Park earlier this month, and autumn was ~obviously~ the best time to go—DEM LEAVES THO. Other perks included: no mosquitos (!!), it was cold enough to wear flannel and sweatpants, and we didn't have to shower (heh) because we didn't get overly sweaty. Downside was that it got quite cold at night, hence....forced cuddling to stay warm ;-;

(But seriously, friendships were muthafking tested on this trip. When two of your male friends pee while you're in the same [single person] washroom with them, y'all are muthafking bonded and emotionally scarred 4lyfe)

Killarney Provincial Park is about a 4 hour drive northwest from Toronto (close to Sudbury), and we chose the park for the windswept pines and white ridges in the landscape. Personally, I was most HYPED for star gazing + astrophotography. "IMMA BRING MY MUTHAFKING TRIPOD AND MY LENSES AND WE'RE GONNA SHOOT THE MILKY WAY AND IT WILL BE DANDY AND MY FRIENDS WILL THINK I'M SO COOL". Reality: "HOLY SHT I'M FKING FREEZING AND I DON'T KNOW IF THESE PICTURES ARE IN FOCUS (they weren't) AND WHY ARE MY FRIENDS HUDDLING AND CHANTING NEXT TO ME but also I want to stay out here and stare at the stars forever". It was my first time shooting the stars, and though I'm not completely happy with the results (out of focus, aperture too narrow), I suppose they aren't bad either. Another excuse to go camping again!

Favourite camping activity? ◉‿◉

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