Oh Charlotte Tilbury. How your rose gold packaging sends me into a frenzy and makes me want to sell an organ (I'm sure I don't need both kidneys) just to acquire more rose gold and burgundy/mahogany art deco-y goodness.

(Seriously, does anyone want one of my organs? YOURS FOR ONLY SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND CANADIAN DOLLARS)(Get it now while the Canadian dollar is weak tho amirite)

Anyways, while I don't own as many CT products as other bloggers, I still own enough to brag about how broke I am (??¿??¿¿?). (And I can also brag about that time I met her, HEHEHEH) But unlike other bloggers, I have a few issues with CT's products and y'know, some of her product claims (e.g. "for lips that look lit from within"....really though????????), and so, here's a mini review roundup of some of her products I have.


I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS CREAM EYESHADOW SHADE AND FORMULA BUT...this does crease and disappear a bit if you don't apply primer, which is quite disappointing considering the $$$$ ($36 CAD; #WHATISMONEY). The creamy mousse texture makes it really easy to apply and blend, and the product itself is insanely pigmented and not overly glittery. For a sheer wash of colour, I'll apply with my fingers, but will use a brush to build up and blend if needed.

Marie Antoinette is described as a 'antique oyster gold' (\_(ツ)_/¯) and it's a seriously gorgeous gold bronze-y metallic shade that's multi-dimensional enough to be a great all-over wash. I actually wear it quite often built up to full opacity, pairing it with winged liner, and of course, a generous layer of eyeshadow primer.


I was originally saving this lipstick's 'virginity' for a special occasion (y'know, like an important first date...but at the glacial speed I was going at, this lipstick would've long expired) because 1) EXPENSIVE AF, and 2) PRETTIEST LIPSTICK SHADE I OWN. (It actually doesn't look that great on most pink lipsticks don't...hah...hahahahaha)

'Coachella Coral' is described as a "medium coral-pink with a satin finish", and it's a lot more vibrant on the lips than expected from hand swatches. Formula is creamy, pigmented, applies evenly, and smells of vanilla. It's not too creamy to the point where it becomes slippery though, and it actually doesn't look too bad over dry patches. However, at $38CDN, I kinda expected something...less average? There are better/comparable lipstick formulations out there that are slightly less expensive (and some with weightier packaging)—e.g. Bite, Urban Decay, BESAME (!!!), etc.

Despite all that though, I still want to try the Matte Revolution lipsticks. 😂 (BUY MY ORGANS PLS)


2015 Vanessa had no concept of money, hence the acquisition of a $50 blush. While I can't fault this blush, I also don't feel like it's worthy of it's $50 price tag, ya feel??? The compact is gorgeous and the shades are nice, but like the lipstick, the formula is average.

Ecstasy consists of two slightly frosty shades with tiny shimmersa peachy-orange outer ring, and a peachy-pink nipple inner circle. Swirled together, they create a flattering peachy-pink shade with a luminous golden sheen. (Technically, you're supposed to apply the outer ring all over the cheek and 'pop' the inner shade on the apples, but I swirl because #lazy) Pigmentation isn't too strong, the texture is soft and almost 'creamy', and the blush melds really well with the skin. I can't comment on longevity too much since I usually remove all my makeup before 15 hours of wear (with most of that time spent in the office or commuting because #adultlyfe), but the blush is still detectable on my face around the twelve hour mark. Overall, the effect is similar to the Clinique Cheek Pops, but the product isn't bad...just not extraordinary either.

(Blush swatches L-R: outer ring, inner circle, swirled together)

TL;DR: The cream eyeshadow is ~BOMB DIGGITY BOMB BOMB~ (only after eyeshadow primer though), while the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in 'Coachella Coral' and the Cheek to Chic blush in 'Ecstasy' are ok products. More than anything, buy these for the ~luxe~ packaging experience.

Products that I've sampled but didn't care for: Magic Night cream (it was thick and sticky, never sank in, and it felt like my skin was suffocating), and Wonderglow primer (nice, but holy mother of dollar billz).

I'm planning on buying more of the cream eyeshadows ('Jean' is next!) and possibly some of the matte lipsticks (Bond Girl and Glastonberry look promising). 2016 Vanessa, maybe not as financially responsible as previously thought.

What are some of your favourites from CT?

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