Believe it or not, I finally wore red lipstick out in public for the FIRST TIME back in October. The event? Taylor Swift's concert ✌ (IT'S PRACTICALLY MANDATORY)(Well technically, it got demolished by a burger before I even got to the concert, BUT I'VE AT LEAST PUT IN THE EFFORT) Since then, I've actually been hooked on wearing red lipstick, but I also don't leave the house very often :( (I need to find more friends/I should just wear red lipstick while walking my dog)

Anyways, since some of y'all were nagging me for selfies with me actually wearing red lissick in my last lipstick post, I thought I'd deliver AND tell you about some of my favourite reds.

(In the above phone selfies: L - Besame Red Velvet, R - UD's Mrs Mia Wallace)

The reds I tend to gravitate towards are the deeper shades, since the lighter shades are too 'happy' and y'know, that ain't me. I want my shades to scream "FIGHT-ME-even-though-I-haven't-been-to-the-gym-in-years-and-quit-taekwondo-when-I-was-like-nine-", y'know?



My most worn red, though I'm trying to ration it because it was part of UD's Pulp Fiction limited edition collection back in 2014 aka I can't get it anymore (I cri everytiem). It's described as a "deep blood red", and like UD's other lipsticks, it's slightly creamy, pigmented, and hella opaque. It also leaves an ironclad stain behind.

I'm also eyeing UD's 'Bad Blood', which hopefully is similar enough to 'Mrs Mia Wallace'.

BESAME  |  RED VELVET  ($27 CAD | 3.4g)

If Urban Decay's 'Mrs Mia Wallace' is described as a "blood red", then 'Red Velvet' could be described as '~dried blood red~'. (The actual description is "mid-tone neutral red"...whatever that means) It's the perfect true/classic red for me—it's not too bright, it's super creamy and pigmented, and because the bullet is ^ shaped/chiseled on the top, it makes it easy to get in the inner corners of my mouth. Finish is somewhere between matte and satin.

Seriously though, Besame makes amazing red lipsticks. I also have 'Cherry Red', and if I was rollin' dough, I'd be hoarding up these tubes while looking fabulous on the daily. PLUS, HAYLEY ATWELL WEARS 'RED VELVET' AS AGENT CARTER. I MEAN, LOOKING BADASS WHILE FIGHTING THE PATRIARCHY??? YES PLEASE.

(Sephora carries a limited selection of Besame reds on their site)


(photo of me trying not to strangle my dog)

The red for those afraid of reds. It's basically a (very expensive) tinted lip balm, and though this sounds like bullshit, but IT'S THE PERFECT SHEER RED. Unlike other red lip balms, it's not overly red and imparts a sheer wash of colour that makes you look ~healthy~. It's also quite moisturizing, but at $24 (USD!!!), it's definitely something to try if you've got big $$$$$ to blow. (Or, if you're having trouble spending all that money, I can help you ;))

If I were to commit to a lipstick brand for the rest of my life.....BESAME. They might not have the most diverse shade selection, but they do reds really really well and their formula is top notch. (I can't comment on longevity since I usually blot off most of my lipstick before eating, but the general consensus is that they're pretty long lasting)

Any dark red lipstick recommendations?

*Urban Decay, Besame Cosmetics, and Lipstick Queen are all cruelty-free

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