Like a true Canadian, when warmer weather starts rollin' in, my body goes "NOPE" and starts revolting—Canadians are not built for heat, my friend.

Summer brings about a whole new set of problems for my super oily/gross/'enough-natural-oil-to-break-down-my-makeup-if-massaged-in' skin. It gets red, it develops dry patches, and it gets oilier than normal. It's a muthafking trifecta, which is why I prefer spending most of my summers indoors playing Sims 3/marathoning TV until the early ams.

And so kids, this is how I shut down this party faster than a parent showing up at their under-aged kid's keg party.

After I wash my face for the tenth time that day (nothing fancy, just Cetaphil), I'll dump one or a combination of these products on my face, perform a blood ritual to the skincare gods and hope for the best.


PAI  |  Lotus & Orange Blossom Tonic

After graduating from the "toners-aren't-just-fancy-water-in-fancier-bottles" stage earlier this year, I decided it was time to give Pai a try. This orange blossom scented 'tonic' (so pretentious) claims to hydrate and calm redness, and though it's not overly moisturizing, I do find that it does calm my skin down and reduces a lot of redness. I use 3-4 spritzes, usually at night because it leaves a slight tacky finish, but damn, this $58 bottle is going through FAST.

ARTIFACT'S Tahitian Vanilla Monoi Mask + ANTIPODES' Aura Manuka Honey Mask

Two double duty (moisturizing and cleansing) masks that smell AMAZING. I don't find the Antipodes mask particularly cleansing, but the Artifact mask does a fair cleansing job by drying up blemishes due to its' kaolin clay content. Love both these masks, and a review on the Artifact mask will be up...~eventually~.


For weeks, I had a massive dry and flaky (much like quality pie crust) patch of skin next to my nose. It was so noticeable, especially under foundation that my mom asked "What's wrong with your face???" (Everything, mom. Everything). None of my usual moisturizers worked, so I decided to dab some coconut oil on the patch for a few nights, and thankfully, my skin is just oily all over again rather than oily and dry. Word of caution though, applying coconut oil /all/ over the face leads to breakouts (because coconut oil is comedogenic)(jojoba oil also works wonders, FYI).


HERBIVORE'S Activate Mask + AESOP'S Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask

Though I've thrown a lot of shade at the Aesop mask for not being a heavy duty mask, it does come in handy during the summer when I switch to lighter products to avoid further irritating my face. The Herbivore mask is equally non-irritating, and I find it keeps my face mattified for a really long time after rinsing. (Review here)

RADICAL SKINCARE | Age Defying Exfoliating Pads

I figured it was finally time to actually get some acid products after having a discussion with Madeline from Classically Contemporary about how efficient acids are at clearing up acne. While shopping for the First Aid pads, I WAS LEAD ASTRAY AND WAS INTRODUCED TO THE RADICAL SKINCARE PADS AND SOMEHOW MANAGED TO DROP $90 ON THEM JFC. AND THEY SAD PART IS THAT I CAN'T EVEN RETURN THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING.

These pads are formulated with both AHA and BHA, and they're not gentle. Dis sum heavy duty sht. They will sting on open wounds (-coughcough popped pimples-) but good lord, I had a massive painful pimple on the first night I used these, and in the morning it was greatly reduced. I've been using these pads for months now, and though the difference is not as dramatic with my blackheads, these pads are amazing for treating active pimples. I can't attest to the ~age-defying~ claims though, since we all know how baby-faced I am ;)))) (I joke, of course).


I've had this glorified toothbrush for years now, but use it pretty infrequently because 2lazy2exfoliate. But when I do, SEVEN HELLS, MY FACE GETS SO SOFT. Though it's pretty ineffective on my nose (the blackheads that dwell on my nose are more resilient than old Nokia phones, I swear), it does a good job of reducing the debris/blackheads on my chin and forehead when used once a week or once every other week.

*Clarisonic tests on animals, Laneige sells in China; all other brands in this post are cruelty-free

Any recommendations for hydrating face mists? What's your summer skincare routine like?

ALSO, DID ANYONE CATCH THE JAMES BAY REFERENCE? I'm seeing him perform with George Ezra next month <3_<3

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