If you see anything you like in here, it's probably either from IKEA or Target. Or stolen.

I'm quite ~pleased~ with how everything is coming along since I repainted this room back in September and embarked on the quest to make this room less fugly. It's been slow progress and you've probably seen snippets of it throughout the months on my Instagrannypants, but here are some thoughts:

1 | I IMMENSELY REGRET BUYING A WHITE FABRIC COUCH, BUT I ALSO DON'T BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD. From here on out, the only gifts I'll accept are lint rollers.

2 | Man's greatest inventions? Velcro tape and command hooks.

3 | Life's greatest moments are spent on the couch as a blanket burrito, watching Netflix and stuffing your face with popcorn and pizza by the warm glow of fairy lights. 

(The couch also makes for the perfect place to pass out after I come home from work, which is outrageous because my work hours aren't even that strenuous)(My god, I'm such a baby)

4 | You iMac owners have it easy with cable management. I spent a good afternoon figuring out cable management before I realised WIRELESS KEYBOARDS AND SPEAKERS EXISTED. (To be fair, I haven't really used a desktop in like, 8 years)

A shot before the repaint. 

I didn't even realise I didn't blog in about a month...WHATTHEDAMNHELL. See, here's what happened: my job was temporary and was supposed to end at the end of April, and it did....and I was looking forward to unemployment (#lazyasfuq) and actually pumping out posts again...except...my boss called me the next day and wanted me to work until the end of August. HOORAY FOR EMPLOYMENT, BOO FOR STRUGGLING TO FIND THE TIME TO BLOG. I do need to get my shit together though/resume to a somewhat regular blogging schedule though, so don't mind me.


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