In a perfect world where I am rolling deep in cash, I'd have enough decor bits and props to make my house look like a Anthropologie store. Or a flea market. But alas, I am a peasant stuck in a near empty room that I try to pass off as 'minimalist chic'.

But enough self-pitying, because as I'd like to say, "Everything is a prop given the right context". Here are some of the props I love and use pretty frequently:


Scarves, blankets, sweaters—THEY JUST LOOK  SO GOOD WHEN ~CASUALLY~ TOSSED INTO THE PHOTO and add more interest and coziness than the sterile white background. And they double as actual practical items (blanket burrito time!!), which is great since I can't really justify buying non-practical things anymore (-cough cough $11 miniature candle stands-).


$10 pretty notebooks? BORDERLINE EXTORTION. I'll take two, thanks.


Free and come in literally thousands of colours. Some are arranged in ombre sets, which coordinate so well when combined with other products in the same colour family. Seen here and here.


Exactly what it is—images of wood/marble/stone printed on cardstock. Great for when you don't actually have any of those things in real life and don't feel like buying rolls of contact paper just for blogging. I'LL DISCUSS TOMORROW, but seen here.


Brick, wood, fur, etc, each lend a different feel and a ton of character to the overall photo. Fur lends a certain coziness, brick adds a cold and rough weathered look, and wood lends some ~rustic-ness-ness~. Pairing products with each background may be a little tricky (e.g. pairing red brick with an eyeshadow palette??? What even???), but done right, it is hella more interesting than the plain white background.


Everything/anything else in the house: interesting and pretty bowls + plates, candles, shells and coral (literally took a stroll around the house last month and found sea coral...SEA CORAL. My house is a treasure trove, man), pine cones, jewelry, perfume bottles,...SO BASICALLY EVERYTHING. There's no rules here, as long as it looks good with the product.


Which props/decor bits do you rely on the most for product photos?

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