Things that are more uncomfortable than my dog shamelessly begging for belly rubs: me not blogging for 2-ish months, and me trying to blog after 2-ish months. DON'T JUDGE ME ;-;

BUT HEY HOW ARE YOU GUYS? I hope you had a fantastical time over the holidays gorging on anything and everything! Me? I spent most of my time doing this:

So basically, gorging on anything and everything. Anyways, now that the festivities are over, I figured it was time to get back to business with this whole ~blogging~ thing. I announced an indefinite blog hiatus over Twitter a few weeks (months???) back, mostly because I was suffering from blog burnout (blogging twice a week gets pretty exhausting...jks). But seriously, here's the thing—I feel guilty when I don't get around to commenting on other people's blogs and responding to comments on my own blog. I applaud bloggers that manage to consistently post, AND STILL HAVE TIME FOR TACKLE COMMENTS LIKE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS???? Anyways, lack of ideas for blog content and guilt over comments sent me into vacation mode, and though I was 'M.I.A', I still got around to reading posts, just not commenting on them. And it was liberating, man (the whole not commenting thing, I mean).

Here are some changes and things I want to do on C&GB this year:

1 | One week of daily posting each month. I dabbled in this for September and October, and I really enjoyed it because it felt like a ~WEEK LONG FIESTA~. While I can't commit to daily posting for a month/year, one week per month sounds do-able.

2 | AN ACTUAL FASHION POST. Sure, I have certain outfits on 'rotation' (i.e. I will wear the same outfit for one (or two) week(s) straight) BUT THAT'S ONLY BECAUSE AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME TO COORDINATE CLOTHES ON A DAILY BASIS. I STILL CAN DRESS REALLY GOODLY THOUGH.

3 | Dabble in home decor posts. These days, most of my time is spent at IKEA, Target, and Home Depot, scoping for gorgeous pieces to add to my house that technically no one else will see because I don't have friends rarely have guests over. BUT THAT WON'T STOP ME FROM SHOVING PHOTOS OF MY LATEST FINDS DOWN YOUR THROATS.

4 | Generally, more non-beauty posts and more diverse beauty posts. Gettin' real sick and tired of seeing the same things featured on nearly almost every blog, to be honest.

5 | Going cruelty-free with makeup. Something I've been meaning to touch upon in the past few months is my decision to only buy from cruelty-free makeup brands. Still indecisive as to whether I am also comfortable with buying from cruelty-free companies owned by companies that do test on animals, but from now on, I will indicate if products mentioned in a post are CF. Also somewhat related—I was so close to getting a bunny for Christmas.

I'll be posting daily next week (man, that escalated quickly), but my goal this week is to get caught up on the blog roll and prepare content for the rest of the month (2 MONTHS OF BEING M.I.A = SHTTON OF IDEAS PARTYING IN MY HEAD).


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