I'm not even going to sugarcoat it—I have impeccable taste in television. And with most shows on winter hiatus right now, I'VE GOT YOUR BACK BY RECOMMENDING YOU SOME OF MY FAVOURITE ALL TIME TV SHOWS, AITE?

(Also, for reference, I love my comedies with sassy and bumbling characters because they provide me with A+ one line comebacks to use in real life)

1 | Brooklyn Nine Nine (2013 - Ongoing: Two Seasons)

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Brooklyn Nine Nine revolves around the detectives of the fictional 99th Precinct of the NYPD and IT IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SHOWS ON AIR RIGHT NOW. It's kinda like a police version of 'Parks and Rec' (i.e. hilarious and wacky characters) and if you only choose to watch two shows from this post, make it this one and Happy Endings.

2 | Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (2013 - Ongoing: Two Seasons)


SPIES. ALIENS. BAD ASS WOMEN. EXPLOSIONS. SUPERHEROES. OH MY. The only show on this list that isn't a comedy, AOS is action/adventure, sci-fi, and superhero-y. Plus, it is in continuity with the film franchise (particularly with the newest Captain America film), and I'll admit, when I watched the pilot back when it first aired, I actually wasn't interested. I am glad I gave it another chance though (thanks to Tasha, probably), because it really picks up mid-season one and ALLLL THE PLOT TWISTS!!

3 | The IT Crowd (2006 - 2013: Four Seasons)


The shenanigans and awkward situations of socially inept IT technicians Roy and Moss and their boss, Jen (who actually knows nothing about computers)(kinda like the Sheldon and Leonard's relationship with Penny in The Big Bang Theory). Expect technology related jokes such as "If you type Google into Google, you can break the internet" and "But it's an iPhone, Jen. I might be able to get an iPhone without giving any money to Apple. I'll be living the dream."

4 | Wonderfalls (2004: One Season)


Jaye Tyler, "over-educated and unemployable" is a cynic and underachiever after my own heart. Set in Niagra Falls(!!!)(with some scenes filmed in Toronto!!), her life gets weird as fudge when inanimate animal figures start talking to her and tell her to do things (mostly help people in need). Basically, grumpy person forced to change her ways for the better. Expect lines such as "Will you die alone with me?" and "Disappointing your family is an extreme sport for you."

5 | Happy Endings (2011 - 2013: Three Seasons)


If 'Friends' and 'How I Met Your Mother' had a lovechild, this would be it. The shenanigans of six friends living in Chicago, there are no 'weak' character here, folks. IT'S A FLAWLESS CAST. This is the show I recommend to EVERYONE (I've made so many of my friends watch it + they end up loving it too), and choice lines include: "Judging people comes so easy for me" and "Everyone needs two naps per day".

YOU'RE WELCOME. (jks) If you're unsure which show to watch first (because all my picks are amazing, I know), something I like to do is have a 'pilot party', aka watch a bunch of pilot episodes in succession and find out which shows interest you the most.

All time favourite shows?

(Also, shows I'm currently enjoying include: Jane the Virgin, Galavant, and Agent Carter)

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