The post in which Ginnifer Goodwin's makeup SLAYS while I pitifully try to recreate it with some amazing Wet n Wild products.

BUT FIRST, LET'S REWIND, SHALL WE? Wet n Wild recently launched their app, "Steal The Look", which allows you to 'steal' any look by uploading a photo into the app to grab the lip, lid, and crease colours. Then, the app recommends you a few Wet n Wild products (obviously) to 'steal' the look. For those of you who don't know, Wet n Wild is a drugstore brand, with each of their products being under $8! Their eyeshadow trios and blushes are among the first ever makeup products I purchased, and UGH, THEIR POWDER FORMULATIONS ARE AMAZINGLY BUTTERY AND PIGMENTED and did I mention they're cruelty free?? This brand, man.

ANYWAYS, I chose to replicate Ginnifer's look because LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THAT BLUE LINER IS. (Where can I kidnap her makeup artist amirite???) Here's a look at the app in action:

For this look, the app recommended the eyeshadow palettes in Comfort Zone* and I'm His Breezy* (for the blue liner part), but I just ended up using their liquid liner in Indigo Blue*. First, I smeared the 'crease' shade all over the lid, 'definer' in the crease and outer third, and lined my eyes with the 'Indigo Blue' liner. Too easy. For mascara, I used Mega Impact*.

For the lips, I used Bare It All*, which actually turned out to be an hella of an amazing nude shade. FOR'REALS. (I accidentally took a sip of water before realising I had lipstick on because I ALWAYS take off my lipstick before eating/drinking SO YOU KNOW THIS SHADE IS PRETTY UNNOTICEABLE)(Plus the formula is is pretty solid too—opaque, smooth, matte, etc)

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CLOSE ENOUGH, RIGHT??? CAN WE JUST TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO ADMIRE GINNIFER'S MAKEUP THOUGH?? While I obviously don't have the same lid space (and brow game) as Ginnifer to really show off the blue liner, this look was still a great way add some colour to an otherwise neutral look.


Unfortunately, this giveaway is open to Canadians only, but for the prize, you will be receiving the makeup needed to steal this look (eyeshadow palettes in 'I'm His Breezy', 'Comfort Zone'; balm stain in 'Nudist Colony'; Brow and Eye Liner in 'Black'). Plus, if you do choose to enter, you'd also pretty much qualify for the same giveaway hosted by the other CBB members. (SHHH)
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Favourite Wet n Wild products?

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