I feel like I've hit a slump with this whole blogging thing. I mean, I've never been much of an interesting person with interesting ideas in the first place, but as of late, it's just bleh.

SO, tell me—what would you like to see on C&GB? Actual product reviews?? Less beauty related posts? Less blush features? More/less personal posts? More videos? Do you guys want me to branch out and do fashion posts? Home decor? RECIPES??? HAIR TALK?? FOTDS?? TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME.

(Actually, thinking of doing a Q&A post. Yes/no?? SEND QUESTIONS ANYWAYS)

Also, I'm planning on posting daily next week. SEE YA THEN!

ALSO ALSO, HOLY CARPS, I'm currently featured as beauty blogger of the month in the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network! Check out my interview origins story here.

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