FIRST LOOK AND COMPARISON | Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette

"HUBBA BUBBA MAMMA IN TRUBBA" - Jess Day (quote on how I feel about the release of this palette)
L-R: Breathless, Bashful
L-R: Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, Irreplaceable

This isn't going to be a review (because I've only tested this palette once and to do a review that quick would be bullsh*t), but I thought it would be helpful to release swatches and a comparison to last year's palette as well.

At $42 USD/$50 CDN, you get five blush shades, which is ~$10 per blush, which is a pretty good value (0.158oz x 5 shades)(each Tarte blush full size is 0.2oz). Unlike last year's palette, there is no bronzer, though the shades are just as soft and pigmented. Finishes range from matte to frosty.

As for shade selection, I sometimes wish there was a red or orange shade in these palettes, but that wouldn't be very Tarte-like, now would it? Anyways, the shades as described include:
Breathless (matte pink beige)  
Embraced (frosty plummy rose)
Whimsy (matte light pink)
Bashful (rosy peach with a sheen)
Irreplaceable (matte mauve rose) 

And in comparison to last year's palette (last year's on top, this year's on the bottom):

Overall, I'd say the shade selection is pretty similar to last year's. Both palettes have a pale pink, melon-y shade, and a berry/plummy shade, but of course, whether you choose to buy this palette or not totally depends on how this palette would fit into your blush collection and your preferences. Personally, there are a few favourites in here (Bashful, Irreplaceable) that make this palette somewhat justifiable. 


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