It's hard to not take it personally whenever someone unfollows your blog. In fact, every time someone unfollows my blog, I applaud them while crying on the inside, "BE FREE OF MY TYRANNY, YOU LITTLE ONLINE STRANGER".

Yes, numbers aren't everything, but it's always disheartening to see that blog follower number go down. And then you wonder, "WHERE DID I FAIL YOU? AM I SWAMPING UP YOUR BLOG FEED?? DID I POST TOO MANY SELFIES? TOO MUCH HUMOUR? IS THERE NOT ENOUGH PORN ON THE BLOG???" Well, people have their reasons for unfollowing a blog, and here some of the reasons I'd like to think why.

1. YOUR BLOG IS TOO PERFECT AND NOTHING ELSE WILL COMPARE. Your blog's perfection = LIFE RUINER to other bloggers. Nobody wants to deal with that kind of stress and competition, right? BRB UNFOLLOWING.

2. They deactivated their account. I'd like to think people deactivate their Bloglovin' accounts because PLOT TWIST, THEY ARE A SPY AND ENEMY SPIES FOUND OUT TOO MUCH OF THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS THROUGH THEIR BL FEED.

(It's a theory that still needs work, but you get the drift)(I've been watching too much Agents of SHIELD and Arrow, don't mind me, -sob-)


4. They thought they were following a food/lifestyle/travel/photography/fashion blog, not a -insert your blog niche here- blog. "What do you mean 'Citron and Guavaberry' isn't a food and drink blog?? WHERE AM I GOING TO FIND EMERGENCY FRUITY COCKTAIL RECIPES NOW??" -embarrassingly hits 'unfollow' button-

5. They lost control of their computer (e.g. via computer virus, angry friend, cat taking laptop hostage). "I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE BY UNFOLLOWING YOUR FAVOURITE BLOG. NOW WHO WILL YOU TURN TO FOR DAILY HUMOUR AND INSPIRATION AND ENABLING PURCHASES???"

But in all seriousness, as your blog continues to grow and change according to your lifestyle, some people might not be on board. Heck, you can't please everyone, so post whatever you feel like. "DON'T LET THE HATERS STOP YOU FROM DOIN' YOUR THANG."

Someday I will have the courage to post devoted to how beautiful my face is.

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