Not to be dramatic or anything, but I'm going to say these base products have changed my life...5EVER.

I used to be a one-and-done kinda gal with foundations and bases, which is why I've stuck with sh*tty bases for the longest time (-coughcoughL'OrealTrueMatch-), but then I realised, I HAD MONEY AND I HAD OPTIONS. TOO MANY OPTIONS, IN FACT. Here are some of base products I'm completely smitten with at the moment.


While the serum version isn't my favourite, the regular one...OH BLESS THE REGULAR ONE. Yellow undertone, medium coverage that doesn't look cakey, semi-matte finish; this foundation has been my go-to as of late. This obviously doesn't cover all my acne and hyperpigmentation, but when I ~strategically~ conceal those with the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, HELLO FAKE FLAWLESS SKIN. My only real issue with this foundation is that my oily skin starts getting hungry and starts eating it up at the 4-5 hour mark unless I powder like a mofo.

JOUER MATTE MOISTURE TINT (shade 'porcelain')

Remember the Youtuber and blogger hype around this years ago? I UNDERSTAND NOW. I'm always a fan of lightweight bases that let your skin show through (despite how shitty my skin is), and I'm frankly just blown away by the fact that this has a matte/satin finish. A TINTED MOISTURIZER WITH A MATTE/SATIN FINISH?? MAKEUP TECHNOLOGY, MAN. I find this holds up well sans-powder, and a little does go a long way though it does cling onto dry patches. (I OD'd this on my face once and it looked really cakey and it was terrifying)


The only concealer I think I'll ever need in my life (welllll, I still want to try MUFE's Full Cover, but Y'KNOW). Though this concealer is on the thicker side, I'm actually impressed that it sets by itself and lasts throughout the day (unlike Benefit's Boi-ing, which I fired and replaced with NARS). I typically dab this on blemishes and hyperpigmentation, though this works well for the undereye area too. PERFECTION IN A TUBE, BASICALLY.


Believe it or not, I never got into the swing of using setting powders until earlier this year. NO WONDER MY FOUNDATION ENDED UP ON A MALE FRIEND'S WHITE SHIRT ONCE. After experimenting with a few, I have to say that S&G's is by far my favourite. Actually keeps me matte all day, which is a tough feat considering how often I typically blot throughout the day. Will definitely be asking a UK friend to ship this over once its finished. (-hinthintwinkwinknudge-)

Which base products complete your soul?

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