WELL WELL WELL, 100TH POST, FINALLY. Perfect post to cap off this week of daily blogging, eh? (It's almost like I've...PLANNED IT)(But seriously can we just take a moment to applaud this coincidence) 

1. I am Vietnamese-Chinese. You didn't expect that, did ya? Two parts Asian, who would've expected???

2. I'm 22 and I've never had a boyfriend. HOOK A PLAYA UP. (jknotjk)(jk maybe)

3. I eat a lot. My brother actually told me once, "I don't understand how you're still that small considering how much you eat". OH HONEY, MOST OF MY EXERCISE COMES FROM WALKING THE DOG AND FANGIRL FLAILING.

4. Pizza, burgers, and tacos are my food trifecta. I had a pizza burger once. It was G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S, obviously.

5. Most of the time I refer to myself an oversized child. Young adult? HAHAHA -runs away from responsibilities-

6. I say "Does this place have free wifi?" a lot. Under the sea?? YES, BUT IS THERE WIFI?

7. My two favourite places to shopTarget and IKEA. Actually, I think 80% of my furniture and home decor come from both these places. (-coughcoughTargetsponsorme-)

8. I'd like to think I have excellent taste in TV. I also happen to be more emotionally invested in fictional characters' love lives than my own, -sob-. "THEY ARE OTP THEY JUST DON'T KNOW IT YET OK".

Check out my TV list here.

9. I don't like people touching me. For the longest time, I refused to accept hugs unless there was a damn good reason (e.g. in the right mood, crushes, etc). Unfortunately, because I'm an adult now, not accepting hugs = rude. Moral of the story: don't grow up.

10. I do all my homework in bed. I do all my best work in bed ;)))) (NO, I KID. But seriously, all my essays, assignments, etc are done when I'm cozy and on my bed, which is apparently the opposite of what everybody else does???)

Anyways, I've been tagged multiple times on Instagram to share facts about myself, but since I hate typing on my phone, HERE'S A POST INSTEAD. Also, thanks for putting up with my daily posting this week! I always feel like I'm not spamming your blog feed enough (heh), so hopefully you've got enough 'Vanessa-dose' to last you a good while. 

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