Scotland | Week Four

Welp, these photos are about a month late. But seriously, has it already been a month since I was in Scotland?

I've desperately wanted to go to Scotland (specifically Isle of Skye) ever since I saw the movie "Stardust" back when I was 15 (and when I found out Yige lives there...shhhhh). Trips revolving around landscapes are mah jam, though somehow I always forget that "extensive walking/hiking" is the fine print on these sorts of trips. Anyways, though I admit I didn't know much about Edinburgh even when I was en route, the city now holds as one of my favourite cities I've ever been to. The people are aggressively kind and their accents incomprehensible but endearingly adorable, the architecture is beautiful, and they've got a castle smack dab in the centre of the city. Definitely coming back to Scotland in the future.

From Edinburgh, my family and I took a three-day trip around the highlands and to the Isle of Skye, and our bus tour playlist basically consisted of music by The Proclaimers (AND I WOULD WALK 500 MILES) and Scottish folk songs and I had never felt more proud to be Scottish minus the fact that I wasn't actually Scottish. I also managed to try haggis for the first time, because I'm such an ~adventurer~. The dish itself wasn't too bad, but I did feel queasy after because of the number of sheep herds we passed by in the highlands. #HowToBecomeAVegetarian

Also, did you know horses....can sleep...on their side???? EVERY TIME I SEE THAT PHOTO I CAN'T EVEN????

Anyways, this is the last post in my vacation series. I haven't gotten around to editing the vlogs yet (although at this rate, they probably won't be up until months later, l o l), but hopefully you guys have enjoyed reading about my ~adventures~! I still can't believe it's already been a month!

Planning any trips soon?

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