Western Europe | Week Three

Nothing makes me feel more like a peasant than being in Europe. Walkin' through the streets with my fugly green jacket on (#hobostatus) to admire the ultra sophisticated super insanely gorgeous architecture, and grimacing at the prices of everything (REALLY SWITZERLAND, YOU'RE GOING TO CHARGE ME 7-ISH CANADIAN DOLLARS FOR A CUP OF GRANOLA AND YOGURT????) is enough to put me off 'excessive' spending for the next year. (Although, let's be real—I have issues keeping money in my bank account)

Anyways, on the third week, we booked a 7 day guided coach tour which took us to the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and France. It was obviously pretty amazing to see all the iconic monuments, landscapes and cultures, but what I was most enthused about WAS THAT EUROPEANS DRIVE ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE ROAD!! I'll definitely be coming back in the future to take a scenic drive around France and Switzerland. I didn't expect to fall in love with Switzerland as I did, but oh man, that place is insanely gorgeous and insanely expensive.

In Lucerne (Switzerland), we managed to catch the gondola up to the mountain summit, which was pretty cool, but does anyone else feel like they're gonna roll off the surface and fall to their death at extreme heights? Nah? But seriously, if you watch my vlog later, the amount of swearing I did on top of the mountain was probably enough to have me shipped off to be a sailor. (Here's hoping these hypothetical sailors will be cute)(#priorities)

I was also pretty enthused about the fact that I actually got to buy macarons from Laduree!!! My brother and I didn't have too much $$$ on us, so we only picked up a few, BUT UGH, AMAZING, OBVIOUSLY. My brother also managed to take a quick snap of the drugs macarons, which can be seen above, because we pretty much gobbled them up before I had time to take a proper photo.

In other news, I'm currently in Scotland (one of my favourite countries, to be honest), and I'll be back in London on the 24th. As for the 25th, it's still the day I'm devoting to meet up with some of you! Say, 1pm, in front of the Topshop outside Oxford Circus? I feel like that's the most convenient spot as its located to shops/food places/parks. (Unless anyone has other suggestions? I'M STILL A LONDON NOOB, BYE)

Photos: Amsterdam (x2) | Somewhere along the Rhine | Heidelberg (castle ruins in the background)(x2) | Heidelberg Town Hall | Rhinefalls | Lucerne (x5) | Swan's butt in Lake Lucerne | Summit view from Mount Pilatus | View of Mount Pilatus from my room | Laduree | Jardins des Tuileries | Palais de Chaillot | Sunset along the Seine | Eiffel Tower

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