London | Week One

Ahhh, have you seen a finer collection of touristy photos than this? If you guys didn't know, or missed my previous announcement, I'M IN LONDON-TOWN, BITCHEZZZ. I'll be here until the end of the month (Aug 26th), and my first week here has been pretty much non-stop walking and sightseeing. Not only is my energy drained, but also my wallet—OYSTER CARD TOP UPS, SUPERDRUGGIE + BOOTS, SHOPPING WITH JAYE, AND BOOKING OTHER EUROPEAN TOURS. But seriously, London is so beautiful that I feel like I'm walking non-stop in a movie set. HOW IS THIS PLACE EVEN REAL????!?!

Anyways, since I'll be here for a month, I figured I'd hold a bit of a meetup (less 'meetup', more 'bunch of friends getting together')! It would be more efficient than meeting each one of you individually (wow I am so fameous), and I was thinking of holding it on August 25th. I've yet to decide on a time/place, so if you're coming, throw suggestions at me!

PS. A million thanks to everyone who threw suggestions at me with what to do in London. I seriously love you all, and I've already managed to a lot of the stuff mentioned!

[Photos: View from the Eye | Palace of Westminster | Big Ben | London Eye + London Aquarium | Tower Bridge | National Gallery + St. Martin in the Fields | National Gallery | Trafalgar Square | Outside Westminster Station | St. Paul's | Victoria Memorial | Buckingham Palace]

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