London + Brighton | Week Two

I'M STILL ALIVE...and blogging from a crappy internet connection in my hotel in France. FRANCE. (FRANCE!!!) But more on that later in the next weekly recap post. 

Week two in London was a bit of a slow week as we ran out of 'touristy' destinations to go to and ended up going to several of the museums as well as heading south to Brighton. (Fun fact: apparently Zoella was on the Brighton>London platform a FEW HOURS BEFORE/AFTER ME WHAT THE EVEN FATE YOU ARE A TEASE) Brighton itself was gorgeous (obvs), but did anyone else know that there was an Indian pavilion there??? I DIDN'T. AND WHY ISN'T THERE ANY ACTUAL SAND ON THE BEACH??? IT'S ALL ROCKS. WHAT KIND OF FAUX BEACH ARE THEY ADVERTISING I AM VERY DISAPPOINT.

I think I was quite fortunate with the weather in Brighton because when we arrived, it was gorgeous weather and by the next day, the fog had rolled in, which meant ~MOODY/HAUNTED-ESQUE~ atmosphere and photos.

I hope you guys are having a lovely week wherever you are, and hopefully week three photos will be up soon!

[Photos: Brighton Beach (x3) | Brighton Pier (x2) | Royal Pavilion (x3) | British National Museum (x2)]

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