Alright, so this post is technically a few months late (it ain't winter no mo'!), but let's be real, facial skincare has never been my strong suit. It wasn't 'til I met Essie Button a few weeks back that I've decided to work on my skincare game, because SERIOUSLY, THAT WOMAN HAS FLAWLESS SKIN WHAT THE EVEN GODDESS. (When my skin grows up, it wants to be just like Essie Button's....#notcreepyatall)

Anyways, these are my current facial moisturizers! (And well, moisturizing mask)

So technically I've only had this mask for three weeks...BUT IT IS A GEM, I TELL YA. A GEM. Antipodes' Aura Manuka Honey mask is worth the hype. It smells D-I-V-I-N-E (citrusy-vanilla), and though I haven't noticed any cleansing/purifying effects on my skin, it is immensely hydrating and soothing, and the hydration lasts for days. If you were to get one Antipodes' product...ever, I'd say it would have to be this one. (Because let's be real, Antipodes is expensive)

Also, the scent of this makes me want to eat my face, Mason Verger style. (Hannibal, anyone?)

For daily daytime use, Simple's Replenishing Rich moisturizer has been my go to for the past year. I've literally had that bottle for a year and I'm only 3/4 done. It's your basic unscented moisturizer with a thin gel consistency that sinks in quickly, making it perfect under makeup.

For nighttime use, I alternate between three moisturizers—Sukin's Moisture Restoring Night Cream, Antipodes' Vanilla Hydrating Day Cream, and First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream in Intense Therapy (clearly, I have moisturizer commitment issues). Sukin's and Antipodes' creams are new-ish in my rotation (I basically bought them because glass jars are cute), and here's the deal—they don't completely sink into my skin. I do have to rinse them off after a few hours because I get uncomfortable (you try being super oily with thick creams smeared over your face), but they leave my skin so frickin soft. I suspect they don't completely sink into my skin because of the natural ingredients (various oils, honey, etc), but as a result, they do smell lovely. (The Antipodes cream smells EXACTLY like the honey mask....#HEAVEN)

FAB's moisturizer isn't as hydrating at the other two, but it's less work and stays with me on the bed, just in case I don't feel like using the other two. It really helped my skin when it was in a rough patch a few weeks back, though it does contain eucalyptus oil, which might irritate some sensitive skin types.

Annnnnnnnnd, because it's summer soon (aka going to be hot as ----), the last thing I want is to have one of the aforementioned moisturizers on my face while I'm sweating like a madman. I picked up Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack_EX last year because of June, and it's perfect for those humid summer nights because it sinks in quickly and moisturizes pretty well.

What moisturizers do you use in your routine? ʘ‿ʘ

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