Lipstick??? On C&GB???? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS? (To be fair, this is more of a chatty post)

For the first time ever on this blog, I'll be talking about lipstick. I say "first time" because let's be real, lipstick is kinda terrifying for me. That apparently doesn't stop me from buying several tubes of that stuff though, under the guise that it's "for my mom", which means they technically belong to my mom, but I am free to test them out without committing to them, ya feel? (I bought her so many tubes last year that she went, "WHY ARE YOU BUYING ME SO MANY LIPSTICKS, I ONLY HAVE ONE SET OF LIPS??!?!")(clearly she's not cut out to be a bblogger)

So of course it wasn't until a few weeks back that I *finally* wore a red lip...for the first time in my life. There I was, at my first PR/media event at the ripe old age of 21, and the MUA decided to slap on the brightest lip colour of my life (OF MY LIFE!!!) on me, and I was basically terrified of looking in the mirror for a good half hour. 

Photo credit: Steph; Jenn
(look how frickin cute these two are while I make ugly faces. To be fair, I can't hold a fake smile longer than 2ish seconds)
But I have to admit that after that half hour, it was kinda fun wearing such a bold colour. Heck, it was a bit life-changing, hence this post as a somewhat-pledge-to-wear-lipstick more often.

Here are some things I've learned from wearing lip colour so far:

1) Self sabotage. Since I get a little self-conscious after wearing lip colour for a while, the best way to have it stay on is to leave the house WITHOUT a mirror and tissues!! That way, I can't rub it off!  -EVIL CACKLE-

2) Lip moisturizing is a hassle must. Ergh, another chore to do. Leave me and my crusty lips alone pls.

3) Bold and bright. Surprisingly, it's the brighter and bolder shades that really flatter my skin tone. ESPECIALLY THE CORALS!! ALL THE CORALS!!! (Though I actually just wear them sheered out)(Also, one of the pitfalls is the need to be precise with the brights...darn)

Me 'rocking' Korres' Mango Butter lipstick in 'Coral' (coral party on this blog, all day, errday).
Anyways, this has been a bit of a useless post since most of you already wear lipstick, but seriously, THIS IS MIND BOGGLING FOR ME. I won't be plunging in like a madman buying lipsticks on the daily since I'm still testing the waters, but what formulas do you guys recommend?

(On an unrelated note, I made a...vloggish video? I apologize for the sht quality though, but you can watch it here)

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