The Drugstore Favourites

I always forget that not everyone outside (and inside) the beauty blogosphere has the ridiculous funds to spend on something as 'trivial' as makeup, much less on the high end pieces. As a beauty blogger, I often forget this, since I'm so accustomed to seeing BAM HIGHEND HERE HIGHEND THERE A HIGHEND EVERYWHERE on other blogs, that I often forget the ~gems~ of the drugstore. It doesn't really help either considering how ~high-end-y~ my collection is getting (ah, so that's why I'm broke), so I thought I'd devote a post on my drugstore favourites. Huzzah!

These pieces are basically the drugstore bits I reach for the most often.

For the eyes, nothing beats the Wet n Wild singles, trios and 8-pan eyeshadow palettes in terms of price and quality. Ridiculously pigmented, super buttery and ridiculously inexpensive, feel free to buy them all up and depot them, because there is nothing as satisfying as seeing all those glorious shades in one place.

For mascara, long time loves include Almay's Get Up and Grow, Maybelline's One by One and The Rocket. All have fairly dry formulas, which I love, and don't clump my lashes.

I  haven't exactly had my fair share of drugstore foundations (~4 so far), but I really do enjoy Revlon Colorstay. Sure, it's a pain in the arse to wash off the face and off the brush, and the stench of the product is unreal, but it's incredibly long-wearing, transfer-proof, and a little goes a long way. 

(I had a L'oreal foundation transfer onto a friend's white uniform shirt once and that was h o r r i f y i n g. PRO TIP: DENY EVERYTHING)

As of late, I've been getting back into the swing of powdering my face, and though it's nothing special, Maybelline's Dream Matte powder fits the bill. Hooray for having my spotty face concealed for longer periods!

Last summer, the blush I wore nonstop was Milani's Luminoso. Sure, it's been months since I've piled it on, but it's a gorgeous shimmery peachy shade that everyone needs in their stash. Essence's Sweetheart is another blush I reach for the most often, since having 50+ shades to choose from daily is ridiculously stressful (like, performing surgery-esque stressful), and when in doubt, Sweetheart is a foolproof pale peachy pink that doesn't require a significant amount of crazy intensive blending.

For lip balm, sure I have 9-ish shades of Babylips (YOLO), but by far my favourite and most used is 'Quenched', which is clear and has a lovely fruity scent. I WANT TO EAT IT.

Brushes...not gonna lie, when I first bought my first set (Real Techniques, of course!), I was mindblown. LOOK WHO DIDN'T HAVE TO WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER APPLYING FOUNDATION ANYMORE?? My all time favourite 'drugstore-range' face brushes have to be Real Technique's Buffing and Multitask brush. I use the buffing brush for liquid and powder foundations, while the multitask brush is used for powdering and blending out blush accidents.

The ELF stippling brush was sent to me by Pauline as part of our makeup swap a few months back, AND HOLY CARPS WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF THE STIPPLING BRUSH???!?!?! Sure, it's great for cream blushes, but it's EVEN BETTER FOR POWDER BLUSHES. Got those deep vampy blush shades you're too lazy to wear because the time spent blending is unreal? STIPPLING BRUSH 2 RESCUE 4 A SOFTER, MORE NATURAL DEPOSIT.

For someone who doesn't wear eyeshadow too frequently, I sure have a lot of eyeshadow brushes. I've had the Sonia Kashuk Small Eyeshadow brush for maybe a year now, and it's dense and stiff, making it perfect for packing on eyeshadow. Heck, I get lazy with it and use it to blend too, and it ain't too shabs. 

This has to be the smallest list of general favourites ever, but I tried to choose the pieces I use the most often. #tried and true #omitted pieces that are too much work to use aka cream eyeshadows #aint nobody got time 4 dat #I would probably repurchase all/any of these if they ran away from home #jus sayin

What are your favourite drugstore makeup gems? ʘ‿ʘ

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