On Meeting Essie Button

I originally wasn't going to do a post on this Toronto meetup, but since Jenn and Jennifer already have their posts up (here and here), I figured I'd chime in and post my pictures since after all, I did bring my ~SLR~ and ~favourite lens~.

I took the trip with Jennifer, Jenn and Steph (a bbloggers meetup!) and there's not much to say except for:

1) ESTEE IS SO LOVELY IN PERSON IT HURTS. My conversation with her was literally a series of "oh my god" and "holy crap" (i.e. not really a conversation), and I'm sure I'm scarred for life out of embarrassment. Though she did something along the lines of "That giant thing?!" when I told her while camera we were to look at. PROTIP: Plan what to say when meeting someone famous/someone you admire. Also, don't forget your manners. (I forgot to thank her for y'know, putting up with us, and the random guy who took the last photo of us. AM I EVEN A REAL CANADIAN ANYMORE?)

2) WORTH the (almost) 2 hour wait time. This includes being dumped on by the rain. PROTIP: Bring umbrella. Everywhere.

3) I look like a hag compared to her. Seriously.

Yeah, so that's it. Shout out to myself for lugging around my giant camera (Two pounds, guys. Two pounds), Jenn, Jennifer and Steph for hanging out in the rain for me, and Estee for y'know, hosting this. 

What did you guys do this weekend?

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