As of late, I've been piling on the cream blushes because 1)I desperately need to wash my makeup brushes and slapping on powder blush with my fingers is probably not one of my better ideas, 2)CREAM BLUSHES LAST SO LONG IT'S RIDICULOUS (longer than powders, GUYS), and 3)I can't seem to stop buying cream blushes to the point where most of my money has been converted into creamy pink $5-$30 bills. (Blushes should be a currency, 'jus sayin')

From the drugstore-ish range, I've been loving Bourjois, MUA, Look Beauty's 'Fresh Cheeks', and Topshop's cream blushes. All of these are nicely pigmented, blend nicely into the skin, and I'm even surprised by how long these last on my face considering they're from the drugstore. In fact, just the other day, I slapped one of the Fresh Cheeks shades onto my face, came home 6-ish hours later, looked into the mirror and literally went, "WHAT THE, THIS UGLY SHADE IS STILL ON MY FACE???" (Ugly on my skintone, 'cz there is no universally flattering tone, y'know)

Bourjois dries down to a true matte finish, while the others remain slightly dewy but not sticky/tacky/etc.

Bobbi Brown's 'Pot Rouges', Stila's Convertible Colours, and Chanel's cream blushes...oh dear lord. When I read reviews that Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges are 'slightly dewy', I was afraid it was going to be exactly like my Tarte Cheek Stains—uncomfortably tacky on my skin and pulling a disappearing act on me within the hour. I'm really glad I picked up Bobbi anyways (I'm a ~gambler~, I know) because I am currently firmly attached to the shade 'Hibiscus', a gorgeous red-orange coral and I may or may not have tried to put a ring on it.

I borrowed Stila's Convertible Color (Poppy) from Jenn a few weeks back, and the formula is the stiffest/'gummiest' one I've worked with to date, but the diverse colour range for the line means there's something for everyone. Between Stila and Bobbi Brown though, I much prefer Bobbi, since the formula isn't as stiff. And of course, no cream blush love list would be complete without Chanel, which has the lightest texture of the bunch and dries down to a completely matte finish. IT'S SO PERFECT IT HURTS MY SOUL.

Unfortunately, with these new favourites, it means that I've fallen out of love with a previous favourite—Revlon's cream blushes. Far too sheer and silicone-y, and the lightest shade I have (Pinched) barely shows up on my skin. AND IT'S HELLA EXPENSIVE. Get a Topshop blush for the same-ish price instead, and thank me later by mailing a new blush to me. ;)

Honestly, I really don't think there's too much of a quality difference between the best drugstore and high end cream blushes. Both are bound to last ridiculously long due to their cream nature, and though the drugstore versions aren't as pigmented as the high ends, you're bound to get along skimping in this category. 

Do you wear cream blushes? Which one(s) is/are your favourite(s)?

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