Bobbi Brown Hibiscus {MPB #4}

A few days ago, I realised...I haven't even done April's monthly blush purchase post yet! But then again, I did kinda derail on this whole "buy only one high end blush per month" thing last now I'm on a blush buying ban until at least August. What can I say?...LIMITED EDITION BLUSHES ARE MY KRYPTONITE. 

Anyways, I am designating Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Hibiscus as this month's "monthly blush purchase" because I literally can not stop using this cream blush. (I have no idea what I'm going to do once Jenn returns my Chanel cream blush...WHICH ONE WOULD I EVEN USE???)

Hibiscus is part of Bobbi's Nectar and Nude collection, and is described as a "bright red coral", and while intimidating in the pan, it sheers down beautifully and actually makes me look like I'm naturally flushing! (THAT'S A FIRST IN MY COLLECTION, GUYS) Though I'm going to be real here...I kinda basically impulse purchased the shade because of the name. Hibiscuses, plumerias, peonies, and hydrangeas are my floral faves, and since I have a weakness for limited edition goods and cream blushes, it was basically an all-in-one recipe for SPENDING ALLL THE MONEY (i.e. $30 CDN/$26USD).

Make no mistake though, because this blush doesn't all. Ridiculously pigmented (one swipe, two cheeks)(that sounds like a porno, jus' sayin'), lasts 5ever on the face (SORCERY), and though the price is steep, a little really does go a long way with this blush and the rest of the Pot Rouge line. It dries down, not to a matte finish, but rather, a slightly dewy finish. I'm not sure how this blush will fare in the summer when my face is in peak sweat-and-oil-fest mode though, but it's longevity on my current dry skin is impeccable. 

#not a model #the camera turned on by itself #excuse my attempt at 'smiling'

Surprisingly, I've ditched my pink corals in favour of this blush...WHICH IS A SHOCK BECAUSE YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE MY PINK CORALS. Needless to say, I definitely recommend giving this blush a look (or the other Pot Rouges) because the shade (+the other shades) are gorgeous and the formula so darn spot on.

Have you tried one of Bobbi's Pot Rouges? Favourite blush at the moment?

(I apologise for being so MIA; currently finished school and obsessed with...y'know...having fun outside the house. And doing too much extensive research on camera lenses and proceeding to drop too much $$$ on them)

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