Bobbi Brown Hibiscus {MPB #4}

A few days ago, I realised...I haven't even done April's monthly blush purchase post yet! But then again, I did kinda derail on this whole "buy only one high end blush per month" thing last now I'm on a blush buying ban until at least August. What can I say?...LIMITED EDITION BLUSHES ARE MY KRYPTONITE. 


As of late, I've been piling on the cream blushes because 1)I desperately need to wash my makeup brushes and slapping on powder blush with my fingers is probably not one of my better ideas, 2)CREAM BLUSHES LAST SO LONG IT'S RIDICULOUS (longer than powders, GUYS), and 3)I can't seem to stop buying cream blushes to the point where most of my money has been converted into creamy pink $5-$30 bills. (Blushes should be a currency, 'jus sayin')

You Just Got Litt Up


(Holllla if you get that reference!...but if you don't, DISHONOUR ON YOUR COW)

The Photography Edit

This post is basically how I make my photos go from "Oh, that's pretty" to "UHM, EXCUSE ME??????" in my opinion anyways. Experimentation ahead!


A Life Snippet | Summer Plans/Jenn's House/Sephora Haul

Welp, that was a blogging hiatus that took longer than I intended. By the time you're reading this, I'll probably be at the city's aquarium...unless you're reading this at 5am. Then no, I'll probably still be "sprawled out like a starfish" on my bed (my brother's actual words to describe my sleeping position) unless my dog has decided to claim 3/4 of the bed.