An ~American~ Haul

(The amount of hauls I've been pulling as of late is ridiculous. I feel like I'm just shoving my consumerism in your faces ;-;) (Also, excuse the lack of consistent posting, it's the final weeks of uni, which means PAPERS ASSIGNMENTS QUIZZES REPORTS IN YO FACE)

This past weekend, I took a trip to Michigan, and every time I go to the States for a shopping trip, I get so angry. 
"WHAT THE ACTUAL FUQ, AMERICA??!??!!?" I would scream in my head as I stroll down aisle after aisle in Walmart, with aisle after aisle presenting the most outrageous and ridiculous products. Instant kettle corn popcorn? You got it! Have you even seen how many brands and varieties of frozen pizza there are in Walmart??? INSANE. WHY DO YOU GUYS EVEN HAVE 'OREO PIE CRUSTS'???? EXCUSE ME???

Can someone mail me a green card pls?

Don't even get me started when I finally found the e.l.f and NYX section at Target. I was ready to break down and cry on the spot.

Yabber yabber yabber, yeah, I know you're just here for the haul.


2FANCY—It's GIVEAWAY Time! ʘ‿ʘ

So I've finally reached 100 followers on Bloglovin'. 


Quite frankly, it is wayyyyy more people than I've ever expected when I first launched this blog back 5/6 months ago. 
(Seriously, I expected maybe max 50 people would subscribe...)

And I'm not going to lie, these past 6 months have been so wonderful, considering I'm pretty much a loner in real life, and if I could, I would fly out to meet each and one of you personally!
(Our dream ~meetup~ would consist of obsessively swatching makeup, marathoning fantastic tv shows, and overall just having a fantastical day ಠᴗಠ)

BUT ANYWAYS, ever since I started this blog, I've always wanted to host a giveaway!
And what better time to launch one than celebrating a milestone of 100 Bloglovin' followers?! ʘ‿ʘ

Win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

1) Open to residents of Canada and United States ONLY. 
(So sorry about this, just can't afford international shipping right now! ;-;)

2) If you are under 18, make sure you have your parent's permission, as I will need your address! 

3) Follow the blog either via Bloglovin' or GFC. 
(Either is fine, but I will be checking accounts, so no cheating!)

This giveaway will run from November 11 to December 10 (roughly one month), and the winner will be contacted for details. I want this package to arrive in time for Christmas!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to all entrants!! 
In the meantime, which MAC products, or lipstick shade(s) have been on your wish list? 

P.S. Let's get my lovely (and under appreciated/underrated) friend, Pauline to 100 followers too!

Tarte's 'Off The Cuff' Blush and Bronzer Palette {Review + Swatches}

I don't believe in love at first sight with people, but love at first site with material possessions? Too swoony.
When I first saw Tarte's 'Off The Cuff' blush + bronzer palette, I knew I had to have it, and so I set out in the same week to pick this ~badboy~ up. ʘ‿ʘ

(If only I had this kind of drive when chasing the opposite sex LOLLL)