{It's Swatch Time!} Disney Ariel Storylook Palette x Sephora & Final Thoughts

A while back, I posted pictures of my latest Sephora haul, where I picked up the Disney Ariel Storylook Palette and went berserk over the colours included. Honestly, I picked it up for 'Caspian Sea', the gorgeous shimmery teal because I'm a sucker for blues, but when I got the palette, I appreciated that it contained a vast selection of colours. I'm usually more of a neutrals eyeshadow gal, but gold? Silver? Purples? Greens? I thought those eyeshadows were a myth!

I decided to do swatches of the colours for, well, reference. (And I'm so late on the swatch party van! :<)

(Note: I edited the swatches for brighter colours, and texture and finish are better visible. Raw photos will be under the jump)

Overall view of the palette 

Row I

Row II


Row IV
Final Thoughts on Swatches
The Good
- I love the large variety of shades and finishes you get in this palette. We've got a silver, a gold, some frosty whites, shimmery champagnes, matte purples...ugh, gorgeous! This is definitely a very bold and bright palette, and a great one if you're ready to get out of the neutrals comfort zone to start playing around with a multitude of colours.

- 'Ursula' and 'Sha La La' are soooo amazing to the touch. They are smooth, so buttery and so pigmented! I would just love to touch these two all day!

- The pigmentation on some of the shades are intense!

The Bad (refer to raw pictures after the jump)
- I don't know if it's just me, but the first row is not exactly my favourite. The whole row (except 'Scuttle', the champagne) was a bit difficult to work with--the blue, the yellow and the salmon were a bit dry and powdery (even for mattes) and it required a lot of product for the colours to show up. The gray was also a bit difficult to blend with. (On the other hand, I would have loved to use the salmon eyeshadow as a blush!)

- Textures were inconsistent throughout the palette.  'Ursula' and 'Sha La La' had the perfect texture, in my opinion. 'Ursula' is a frosted finish, while 'Sha La La' is a satin finish, but both are incredibly soft and 'creamy', and I wish the other shades had been the same. The mattes were a bit dry--I also found 'Sebastian', a salmon matte, to be a bit chalky/powdery. Some of the shades were difficult to pick up because the texture was a bit harder in the pan.

I do love this palette, but some of the shades are a bit difficult to work with. We're probably paying more because of the gorgeous packaging, but hey, I'm a sucker for gorgeous packaging. I hope you enjoyed this post, and Happy Canada Day! c:


  1. I would maybe only use about six of the shadows. But it's a lovely palette. The colours look amazing. Great job on the swatches!

    Carol | Bitten Glam

    1. Yeah, some of the colours are like "When am I ever going to use this?", but yeah, it's still a lovely palette. c:

      Thanks! It was my first time doing eyeshadow swatches and man, it was difficult to get right lighting and pigmentation ;-;