It's a Dog Post!

You know whats great? Having a dog. It gives me the perfect opportunity to play with (aka. creep on) other dogs, under the excuse that I'm a 'dog person' (I mean, I technically am...but...).

My dog and I go on a lot of adventures together, and here are some dogs that we've encountered over the years. Happy Adorable Sunday, and enjoy the fluffy adorableness!

DUG! Everyone needs a bit of Dug in their lives, in my opinion. (I wish Dug is a real dog ;-;)
My dog's brother! Doesn't he look like a little panda bear?
D'awww. Sibling love 
I'm not sure...he may or may not be trying to eat his older sister's face here.
The vet's dog. This guy can jump super high!
Family friend's dog. This gal is literally the sweetest.

Saw this cutie, literally, years ago in a pet store. Me and my friend wanted him/her so bad, but I genuinely hope this dog has found a loving home! He/She's too cute to pass up anyways!

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