DO SHE GOT THAT PRIMER? SHE DOoOoo {Makeup Primer vs. No Primer}

Sorry, bad post title.

The other day I asked my friend what she would like to see from this blog, and she responded with "Primer vs. No Primer!" Needless to say, I was horrified because putting my face on the internet is some scary sht. But I braced and buckled myself because I wondered about that too. Does my makeup primer really work to achieve a smooth complexion and keep makeup in place throughout the day, or is it a placebo? So I observed one day wearing my Hourglass Mineral Veil primer and one day without, and here are the results (I also suppose this would be an Hourglass primer review, since I'm using it).

Actually, first I'd like to say my skin gets quite oily. Weeks ago during one of my 'no-makeup' days, my mom said, "whoah, why is your face so shiny", to which I responded, "because I'm a vampire". I KID, I WISH I SAID THAT. My mom would've never understood the reference though.

WAIT HOLD ON--another thing I want to say is that I am super insecure about my face. I'm half accepting and half embarrassed about it. I get super embarrassed when I see or talk to attractive people. But hey, Spongebob has taught me much about life lessons and acceptance.

With that out of the way, here is my face and my results.

Brace yourself, unattractiveness is coming.

Primer Underneath Concealer

No Primer Underneath Concealer

What Hourglass Claims the Product to Do
Taken from the product page on Sephora:

"This clean, satin-finish formula helps keep makeup looking fresh and prevents fading. Veil Mineral Primer also absorbs excess oils and minimizes the appearance of pores by evenly distributing light to help hide and soften skin imperfections and fine lines." 

What I've Observed {Makeup Primer vs. No Primer-wise}
- When I blot/wipe my face, I definitely notice more concealer coming off when I don't have a primer underneath. My makeup towards the end of the day is definitely 'fresher' with a primer on, compared to no primer.
- The dry patches on my skin were accentuated with the primer and concealer on top, but without a primer, the patches were even worse.
- Better coverage of enlarged pores with a primer.
- May be just the Hourglass Mineral Veil, but I noticed there wasn't a significant reduction of oil production; I still had to blot throughout the day.

Pros & Cons of Hourglass Mineral Veil
- If you've never blended out/tried this product before, you definitely need to head to your nearest Sephora because THE TEXTURE IS SATINY/VELVETY AND SUCH A PLEASURE TO TOUCH I KID YOU NOT
- SPF 30- Bam, facial suncreen during the summer done.
- Less makeup slipping off the face, when compared to not having this product on.
- Keeps makeup looking 'fresher' throughout the day.
- This product lasts for a very long time, and a little goes a long way. I genuinely hate it when people claim this for a product, because usually when I buy the same product, I end up using a ton of product, leading me to shout "LIARS!". But honestly, I really do find this primer lasts for a while because 'a little goes a long way', even with the 0.33oz size I have.
- I can't be definitive about this conclusion, but I have noticed a reduction in acne with this product. I don't break out as often on the areas where I apply this product.

- Expensive. This primer is so loved my the blogosphere that I picked it up. $18 USD/$21 CDN for 0.33oz made me weep harder than the series finale of Merlin.
With Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, I definitely still get oily. I had to blot twice within 6 hours, but I suppose is slightly less than usual.
I don't really notice the primer reducing/'softening' redness on my face, but that could be because I have a significant amount of hyperpigmentation.

I personally don't notice a dramatic difference between primer vs. no primer, but it all depends on your skin type, the weather, and the amount of coverage you need for your skin. If you do have medium-full coverage on to conceal a variety of blemishes, I do suggest you slip a primer underneath to avoid makeup slipping off and revealing what you have covered up. Oily skin and hot, humid weather conditions also call for primers on duty.

In general, for the most part, I do like the Hourglass primer. I did honestly expect more regarding oil control and redness control and cover, but on the other hand, if it really is aiding me in the prevention of acne, then it certainly deserves recognition for that too. I am planning on buying other primers in the future (Smashbox Photo Finish light primer, Hard Candy's Sheer Envy primer, e.g) to compare against the Hourglass one, but for now, I am content.

I.e. - I don't know, I may or not repurchase because the lack of oil control really bugs me, but it is an average primer.
On other news, taking 'serious' selfies gives me actual anxiety. I'd much rather be doing these types of shots.

Or if I do 'serious' ones, they have to be in gritty quality...with Comic Sans captions...

I seriously cannot believe I'm trying to justify my unattractiveness in my photos right now. Somebody send help. ;-;


  1. LOL, loved reading this post! You're hilarious! xD But no, seriously, you're not unattractive AT ALL. (But I totally feel you when its uncomfortable talking to attractive people. I get all DAGJFDGJDFKLGJDFKLGJDG and shifty eyed when I talk to them omg.)

    Anyways, the primer! I've definitely heard so many good things about this one. I just never felt the need to buy a primer, because I'm pretty much a lazy ass. ;n; I've always wondered if primer really DOES work though, so thank you for this postttt!~

    1. Oh thank god someone finds this post funny LOL (humour unwasted)

      I don't know, I bet everyone finds themselves unattractive, but others don't see them that way heh. BUT NO SRSLY, WHEN ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE TALK TO ME I'M LIKE WHAT WHAT IS HAPPENING AWW YISS MY WEEK HAS BEEN MADE or something..and the shifty eyes too!

      Yeah, this primer is so loved. But then again, if you don't need a primer, don't feel the need to buy one!

  2. I'm trying to find a primer to use that works with my skin. It's sensitive. It's also oily in the t-zone and normal-ish everywhere else. So far I've had no luck finding the right primer but the search continues just like the wait for Arthur's return to Merlin.

    Carol | Bitten Glam

    1. Likewise--the search also ~continues~ with me.

      I CHOKED WHEN YOU UNDERSTOOD THE REFERENCE. So much gross sobbing when the finale aired. You might be spending too much time on Tumblr, heheh. ;)