Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation + Sheering Out Foundations

Oh Revlon Colorstay, one oh the most talked about and loved foundations on the 'blogosphere'. Being the 'hipster' that I am, I avoided this product for years, but I finally caved in a month ago while I was in a Walmart in the States. I picked up a bottle of Revlon Colorstay, in the shade 'Buff' in the Oily/Combination formulation.

I won't bore you with details, because there are so many reviews/opinions out there, and chances are, if you're reading this, you're probably already somewhat familiar with it. This post is more of a 'what-do-I-do-with-this-thick-medium-coverage-foundation-ugh-help-me' type post.

I find this to be a great-coverage foundation...but only if you want your face to avoid being seen in direct sunlight...

Wait what?

I can't even deny that this is a great medium-full coverage foundation. When I applied it with my Real Techniques brushes in my room (with a fair amount of natural light), it looked perfectly fine. I was impressed, even. But when I moved into an area with loads of natural sunlight, my face looked quite masked/'caked' and it was quite scary (I'm not condoning that look, but I'm personally after a more 'does-she-have-foundation-on-or-is-that-just-flawless-skin-because-i-can't-tell' appearance). I find that it's quite easy to overdo the coverage with this foundation, which is why I began sheering it out by mixing my Maybelline BB (cream? I've always thought it was weird, seeing how it would actually be 'beauty balm cream'...that's a mouthful). I find that you could even mix it with a moisturizer for a dewier finish. I personally mix my Maybelline BB and Revlon Colourstay in equal parts.

I find that once the foundation is sheered out, there is better control of the coverage, as you're not applying too much coverage to the areas that don't need so much foundation. If needed, you could stipple extra foundation onto the areas that need a bit more coverage, or go in with a concealer to better hide blemishes.

On some days, I'll even mix in BeneFit's Moon Beam with the two for a very, very subtle luminosity, since Revlon Colorstay is a bit on the matte side.

Another thing about this foundation that annoys me to no end is the scent of this foundation...!! I know there's mixed opinions on this, but I absolutely loathe loathe loathe the smell. On top of that, for some reason the scent lingers FOR HOURS on me. I find that mixing in the BB cream helps dilute the smell, making it more tolerable for me.

Ideally, you could also sheer out other foundations. I find it's also better to buy medium-full coverage foundations because you could just sheer it out or leave as is depending on how much coverage you need, which makes it more practical money-wise. The same goes for tinted moisturizers--tinted moisturizers are generally expensive for what they are, and you could easy create your own by mixing together foundation and moisturizer.

Annnnd now I'm off to walk my dog. I hope this information was somewhat helpful! I know a lot of people might already know about some of the topics in the post, but hey, who knows who's reading?

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