Meet the Resident Fatcat

I know, I know. When I first started this blog, I intended to post pictures of animals as well as pictures of makeup. And maybe you're (my non-existent blog readers) wondering, "WHERE DA PICS OF CHUBBY ANIMALS AT?". So every Sunday I will be posting images of the adorable animals that happen to want to be 'internet famous' so they posed for me. Whatever 'internet famous' is.

Meet Mittens, otherwise known as 'Mickey', 'Fat Cat', and 'Kitty'. I really don't know why we call here various sorts of names, but she is our grumpy little Shih-tzu mix that enjoys keeping watch of our backyard for random squirrels and birds. Devious little one.

When she's not squirrel watching, she likes to brush up on her academics, so here she is doing a bit of light reading ;)

Hope you're having an enjoyable Sunday!

P.S. - Ugh the weather is so intolerable/humid/hot in Toronto right now :(

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