Inspiration Board I

I'm very picky about makeup, and I don't think there's anything more gorgeous than luminous, healthy-looking skin, with well groomed brows and all topped off with a gorgeous rosy blush. Equally gorgeous in my eyes is a velvety finish to the skin with a soft smoky eye.

Here is a board of the looks I'm currently in love with:
PhotoCred: TS//CD//HA//RHW//JG//KK//SK (Some were pulled off Tumblr)

(ONE OF THESE IS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS, MUAHAHA [Threw in Groban because his face is just as flawless as the others ;)])

Each and every one of these me me go "UGHHH" because look at that face! Kudos to their makeup artists...and their parents for that impeccable bone structure...:(

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