Adventures in Squirrel Watching

Last 'Adorable Sunday', I told you guys about how my dog loves keeping watch of our backyard for squirrels. I love it, she loves it...but of course she loves it in a different way than I do. I love feeding the squirrels (fruits and nuts), but she loves chasing them off all the way back to Narnia. As my mom says, "It's hard to make a living, you know!" (about the squirrels hunting for food).

And so, here my dog is, sitting patiently and guarding the backyard from the treacherous squirrels.

"Where da free loaders at? They can't just sit on the fence and eat! What do they think this is, a restaurant and patio? "


I love these fat munchkins. It's a shame I can't get clearer pictures! If I opened the door to get better shots...well, we both know what would happen. 

Sometimes my dog will chase squirrels up our house walls, and they will literally yell at her. It's definitely an ongoing feud between the two parties, heh (or Romeo and Juliet?). Sometimes I like to squirrel chatter, so I feel like I'm having a real conversation with them. Actually, I've gotten really good at imitating my dog's whining, to the point where my dog just tilts her head at me, and my mom wonders if the whining came from me or the dog! SCORE. (^v^)

P.S. - These pictures were taken in the fall before hibernation, so these squirrels are not fat because I overfed them! I read too much about squirrels to know that if I provide them with too much food, they'll start overpopulating and start relying on human interference for food, instead of naturally foraging.  

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